Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve!

It is New Years Eve! I can't wait till tomorrow! January 1st is my number one favorite day of the year :) I just love the feeling of a new adventure. See you all tomorrow when I type up the post that I already wrote two weeks ago :) he he. 40 minutes to go happy new years!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Blogging again!

I am determined to blog more frequently again. I have really slacked off but I loved when I stayed up to date on it because it is one of the only ways I document my life! So I already have a post written out for New years but I can't very well post it on christmas so in a couple days I will get it uo then I will be on track to keep it updated for 2011! Love you all hope you all had a wonderfull christmas like I did! Continue to surround yourself in loved ones for the rest of the year and always!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A clean house...A good day.

I haven't written in forever. When I go for weeks without writing then I struggle to find the right time to jump back in there. Well I decided to write today even if I don't have anything interesting to say :) For the first time since we moved in my house is finally to a level of cleanliness that I am happy with. There are sill a few unfinished projects I need to do before I would consider it totally clean but for now it is clean and I am happy :) I am baby hungry and trying to talk myself out of being so. David is good in his new job and trying to get back to training regularly. Maveryk is ready to start potty training I just need to find the right approach. Tukker is Tukker...cute, sassy, fun and a handfull. Life is good :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Moving and moving.......and moving.

I spent this whole week moving stuff very slowly to the new apartment in Sandy. All I have to move with is my little four door sedan so even when I pack it full it still isn't a very big load. But now finally the week is coming to an end and tomorrow I will have a truck and a hubby to help me get as much of it moved as possible and we should be living there tomorrow too! So that makes tonight the last night at Grandmas house. It has been a very quick 6 month stay here and was nice to get to visit with her lots. She has been incredibly helpful to us and hopefully we have returned the favor with a lot of the projects that David has done around here. I am excited to get settled in to the new place. It is a little more spacious and ITS NEW :) As much as I hate packing up and moving again every time we get settled I also really enjoy finding a new home for everything and making it look and feel like ours. So over all I am happy and very excited about our new adventure!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random thoughts at night

Two thirty in the morning
Cant seem to sleep
My baby boy is sick
And its beginning to worry me
I gave him extra kisses today
To make sure he knows I'm here
I can't picture life without his smile
I'm sure he is fine but i still get scared.
I am so lucky lately
Things are beginning to go our way
My loving husband off at work
While I care for my sweet babies all day.
For the first time in a while
I am enjoying each moment passing
Im not so worried about the long run
Im just happy to be.
Moving to a new home
Taking the next adventure
Nothing feels like a big deal
Its all just ethereal being together.
I can't believe how time slips away
I remember so clearly being a teenager
I want to hang on to these moments
Keep my precious memories from danger.
Now I will go to bed
Have dreams of things to come
But none will compare to the day I will have
When I wake up tomorrow to my daughter and son.
Goodnight my fellow bloggers
go kiss your families again
Be appreciative of your blessings
Love you all. The End.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Great weekend!

We had a really great weekend as a family! On Saturday we went to Lagoon just David and I (Thanks for watching the kids mom :)) and we met up with Dad and Christy and the girls. We had a blast and a I only got a tiny bit sun burned. Then Sunday we went out boating with dad and family and had a delicious BBQ after words! Super fun. Now off to a great productive week!

Friday, August 13, 2010

A new chapter :)

Today is my first day as a SAHM again :) I am very excited. We decided that made more sense for us then if I were to go part time. SO here I go. Soooo much to do! I need to start getting this house really clean again and play with my kids, start doing work books with Tukker for preschool, look into starting school down the road, and loose a couple 20 pounds lol. Guess I will take it one day at a time and see which goals get accomplished first. Today I will start with playing with and loving on my babies seeing as how that is the most important on my list :) Be talking with you all very soon now that I will have some time on my hands!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nothing to post about

I swear I really do think about posting but I simply can't think of much to write about anymore... I am going to be working part time starting in two weeks so then I will be home with my babies more. Maybe that will give me something to write about :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh Please Oh please Oh please

I applied for a couple different positions that are open at work. I am getting so bored in my position and if I am going to remain working for another year or something then I need a new fresh job description but of course I want to keep the same employer around :) I finished up the whole application process today and I am hoping and wishing and praying and dreaming that they will invite me to an interview this week or early next week! Everyone keep their fingers crossed for me :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ah Time flies by!

I think about blogging all the time but when I finally get aroud to it so many things have past I dont even know what to blog about. How about I post some pics os Mavs birthday party and some days since then? That way I will be all caught up and I can try to stay on top of it again :)
Here we go!

Thought this was a perfect one to end with lol. Hope you enjoyed. Sorry if they took all day to load up!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Like being a kid again :)

I finished up putting Easter baskets together for my babies now I can't wait until they wake up so I can see there faces when they get to there baskets! I love that when you have small children it is really like you are a child all over again! I am counting the minutes till they wake up!
David and I both work tomorrow so we did a lot of our Easter activities early. This morning I made Tukker and I some Easter colored scrambled eggs while dad and brother were still sleeping. Then we all had a nice lunch together. Tukker and I made Easter cookies, and late when Dad got home from work we died eggs :) It was a lot of fun and both of our kids loved it. Now they are sound asleep and I am excited for baskets and Easter eggs hunts and a yummy Easter breakfast tomorrow! I am going to make Sweet potato hash and fried eggs for breakfast.
I really don't want to go to work tomorrow or at all but I have to push through it and stick it out. Only a few more month and we will have all the money we need saved up for our house and we can get all settled in to our first home! Maybe if we are really lucky I can quit work and be a full time mommy by Christmas! That would be great but I will be patient and be sure we are in a terrific place as a family before I jump ship. Before I know it ill be in My house With My family and my only job will be making sure we are all happy and healthy and clean and smiling! :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Our little BOBO the clown turned 1 today! What a big boy :) He is so sweet. He lights up our days and it just melts my heart how much he loves his sister :) Its the sweetest thing I will ever see. We had such a fun day and we didn't even leave home! :)

First we woke up our birthday boy nice and early ( 8:45 am to be exact lol)

We stuffed him full of Cake for breakfast!

We let him open a couple presents...

Then we spent the rest of the day being lazy and playing with toys. He played with sister and Grandma Bea and of course mommy and daddy. Grandma Thomas and Harry even stopped by for a few to see him on his special day! I was a little sad that he didn't get any happy birthday calls at all from family but I know he will have fun at his birthday party with everyone in a few weeks :) Ill update my blog with the info for that very very soon! Well Hope you enjoyed the pics! Here are a few extra since we haven't posted any in a bit :)
At the end of the day when they were all dressed in jammies and ready for bed the decided to snuggle on the couch bed and pretend to sleep lol. Before to long the were asleep for real :)

Happy birthday my sweet sweet boy. Thank you for being a shining light at the end of every hard day.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Takin a Break

I have had a few days of not feeling so well and my visit to the doc revealed some blood pressure problems sooooo... I get a break from work! I had some tests done that we wont get the results for until two weeks from now so I am on FMLA for at least that long so that I can "Take it easy" as the doc said. Well March is our moving month so this came at a very convenient time :) I cant do much with out taking breaks fairly often but Moving on and off all day gets more done then Trying to squeeze chores in before heading to work. Anyways long story short... I'm takin a break!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Here comes another week!

Tonight is the end of my weekend and its back to work tomorrow. The weekend was nice home with my babies :) David and I don't have a day off together anymore :( I miss him lots but its nice that we have every morning together.
David had his interview with Fidelity on Thursday. It went well but we have yet to hear back. Some of our financial decisions in the past might keep him from getting an offer but we are keeping our fingers crossed :) It would be a really great opportunity but if he doesn't get it I am sure an even better opportunity. would come rolling around if we are patient!
We are going over to Grandma's house tomorrow morning to pick up a key so we can slowly move in over the course of the month! We are paid up through the end of March here but we will be living at grandmas to continue saving for our home starting in April!
March should be a good month! We will be moving, Maveryk will be turning ONE:), Hopefully David will start a new job and we should be getting a new car. (something with better gas millage)
Well there is my update for the week!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

End of a very long weekend

I got to enjoy a five day weekend that I am now wrapping up. I lost my voice and had to take three days off in addition to my regular two day weekend. Since I really wasn't feeling ill just sounding it... I got to spend a lot of time with my babies and hubby. We got a lot done but we also spent some time together just doing nothing (which happens to be one of my favorites).

I had a nice lunch with my grandma on Friday and we discussed my family moving back in with her until we get a house. We are pretty sure we are going to take her up on that so we should be moving in about six weeks. Then today we got to go to a birthday party for my niece Caydance. It was fun but sad she was so miserably sick she just seemed like she would rather take a nap then open her presents!

I had a really rough day with Tukker today. I keep thinking more and more that I am doing something terribly wrong with her. She is so mean and violent to everyone. Sometimes I think she hates me. The hardest part for me is that no one gets to see the sweet beautiful side of her that we get to see at home at least briefly everyday. One of my fears was assured today when my Nana walked in to the party and said "Tukker give me a hug." and Tukker said "NO!" When I said "sorry she is being mean today" Nana replied "Isn't she mean everyday?" That is something I always imagined people were thinking but no one has ever actually said it to me before.
It makes me so sad. I don't want to have the 'mean' kid. The one that no one wants to babysit or let come to visit. The one that the other kids avoid... I'm sad for her and for me. I have watched My mom and Emily struggle to get along or have a relationship for years and I always think to myself how it shouldn't be that hard to fix it if you really want to but IT IS. It breaks my heart that my daughter and I don't get along and I want so bad for it to change but I just don't seem to know how to change it! I was obviously given a difficult child for a reason. I must be meant to learn something from the challenge but when am I going to learn the lesson so we can be friends? I don't want to spend the first fifteen years at each others throats then finally become friends only to have her move out a couple years later. I just feel like I am missing out on being her mom and getting to know and enjoy her. I love her so much, why doesn't it feel like she likes me?
Being honest with myself I know its not just me. She is fiesty and difficult and a bit of a bully to everyone but it is just hard that I don't have enough of a mother-child bond with her to help her be a happier child.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Courtney text me a few days ago to catch up and during the conversation she told me that she was going to do a week long fruit cleanse to kick of her fitness and nutrition goals. I thought it sounded like fun. I am sure she has more technical reasons for doing it then I do but I just think it will be a fun short term challenge so... Starting tomorrow morning I am going to eat only fruit and vegetables for seven full days. It is gonna take me some serious willpower so wish me luck! I am also only going to drink water and fruit or vegetable juice and of course I will take my daily vitamins to help make up for the protein and grains and what not that I will be missing out on. I am just curious to see how it will make me feel. I am not planning on it making a huge difference in my weight or anything but maybe it will help me kick some of my lingering bad habits so I can continue on becoming more healthy. I work a twelve hour shift tomorrow which will suck but I am sure it will go by quickly. It is the start of my new Sunday through Thursday shift. Every Friday and Saturday off from NOW ON!!! Woo Hoo. David started working at the senior home next door this week and he really likes it. It is only part time until he finds something in the financial field. He has a interview on the 22nd for a great position at ... ah the name has escaped me lol. Ill update that later when I get my mind back!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Planning for the future

So We spoke to a mortgage loan officer today. It went really well. He said we can plan on being approves pretty easily in August which is great since that is exactly when I was hoping to start the process. He let us know the few things we need to do in order to assure we are ready by then and all of them are easily achievable now that all of our finances are straightened out and we are on track with everything. For the most part we are all ready and we just have to be patient and get to the one year mark from our bankruptcy date then we are set so until then we just have to focus on saving up for our down payment! We have a plan in place and are on our way. I am trying to find ways for us to save even more than we have planned so my first idea is to find a new living situation. I am totally ok with downgrading to a two bedroom tighter living space if it means we can save a hundred or two a month in rent to add to our savings account! Woo Hoo I am excited to finally be in the place in my life where looking for a home is actually a good idea and that we are doing it the right way by getting prepared ahead of time rather than hoping to jump in to something when we think its time. Yay for being an adult! If anyone knows of any renting options let me know! We are ok with anywhere in the valley. Utah or salt lake county. We don't care if its an apartment, house, basement, condo spare room, or attic as long as its less than 750 a month and we can squeeze into it reasonably ( keep in mind we now have very few things so we don't take up much room anymore lol.) Let me know if you spot anything worth looking into! Love ya all

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Biggest looser update!

I think I updated you all that I had organized and entered into a biggest loser contest at work didn't I? Well it was ten weeks long but we are about half way through the fourth week now so we have six weeks to go! It ends on Febuary 15th and the winner gets 70 bucks :) So far I have not done great but I have consistantly lost each week. I have lost three and a half pounds so far. Now that the holiday season has come and gone I am determined and off to a good restart :) I am using a mix of Wii games and ENVY workout videos for my excersize routine and I think it is working out! Tonight I did 25 minutes of Bunz of ENVY and a five minute quick fix of Arms of ENVY. My plan is to do 30 minutes in the morn and 30 minutes at night. My overall goal outside of the contest is to reach my goal weight of 140 lb by Maveryk's first birthday. That is now a total of only 19 pounds and I have 76 days to accomplish it. THAT IS ONLY ONE POUND EVERY FOUR DAYS! Totally reachable! :) Can you tell I am feeling enthusiastic?? Kayleigh also happens to have a goal of right about 22 pounds in 79 days...Very similar goal....a little friendly competition wouldn't help would it Kay?


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Every New begining comes from some other beginings end!

A brand new year! I have known that new years day has been my favorite holiday for some time now but this year is my favorite yet. The 365 days of 2009 were wonderful and scary and exciting and exhausting but now they have come and gone so we can focus on 2010! What a great year this is going to be! Every one in my life has spent the last year or two getting everything in there life back to where it should be so now every one seems prepared to finally have a great year with less stress and more smiles! Here are my new years resolutions this year:

1. Smile more and don't sweat the small stuff.

2. Appreciate how lucky I really am.

3. Take more time to help those who are not as lucky.

4. Remember to TELL people how much I care for them. They can't read my mind!

5. Take notice of all my accomplishments and dust off my downfalls as learning opportunities.

6. Have a little more fun. My babies are growing very quickly!

7. Stay on top of all the great improvements I made last year.

8. Continue to build upon my groundwork in Health, happiness and prosperity.

9. Enjoy each day individually rather than looking forward to the next day, week, month or year

10. Love like crazy! :)

My little family and I had a wonderful new years eve and new years day. We are on a great start to having the best year yet! Last year I earned a husband and a son! I'm gonna have to work hard to beat that!

Here's to 363 more days of magic!

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