Thursday, January 7, 2010

Biggest looser update!

I think I updated you all that I had organized and entered into a biggest loser contest at work didn't I? Well it was ten weeks long but we are about half way through the fourth week now so we have six weeks to go! It ends on Febuary 15th and the winner gets 70 bucks :) So far I have not done great but I have consistantly lost each week. I have lost three and a half pounds so far. Now that the holiday season has come and gone I am determined and off to a good restart :) I am using a mix of Wii games and ENVY workout videos for my excersize routine and I think it is working out! Tonight I did 25 minutes of Bunz of ENVY and a five minute quick fix of Arms of ENVY. My plan is to do 30 minutes in the morn and 30 minutes at night. My overall goal outside of the contest is to reach my goal weight of 140 lb by Maveryk's first birthday. That is now a total of only 19 pounds and I have 76 days to accomplish it. THAT IS ONLY ONE POUND EVERY FOUR DAYS! Totally reachable! :) Can you tell I am feeling enthusiastic?? Kayleigh also happens to have a goal of right about 22 pounds in 79 days...Very similar goal....a little friendly competition wouldn't help would it Kay?


1 comment:

Me, Christy said...

Haven't heard of ENVY workouts before. Bunz of ENVY sound like something good to aspire to, though. I didn't know you had a wii! I am jealous!
Congratulations on your progress so far!
See you this weekend.

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