Saturday, April 3, 2010

Like being a kid again :)

I finished up putting Easter baskets together for my babies now I can't wait until they wake up so I can see there faces when they get to there baskets! I love that when you have small children it is really like you are a child all over again! I am counting the minutes till they wake up!
David and I both work tomorrow so we did a lot of our Easter activities early. This morning I made Tukker and I some Easter colored scrambled eggs while dad and brother were still sleeping. Then we all had a nice lunch together. Tukker and I made Easter cookies, and late when Dad got home from work we died eggs :) It was a lot of fun and both of our kids loved it. Now they are sound asleep and I am excited for baskets and Easter eggs hunts and a yummy Easter breakfast tomorrow! I am going to make Sweet potato hash and fried eggs for breakfast.
I really don't want to go to work tomorrow or at all but I have to push through it and stick it out. Only a few more month and we will have all the money we need saved up for our house and we can get all settled in to our first home! Maybe if we are really lucky I can quit work and be a full time mommy by Christmas! That would be great but I will be patient and be sure we are in a terrific place as a family before I jump ship. Before I know it ill be in My house With My family and my only job will be making sure we are all happy and healthy and clean and smiling! :)

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