Friday, February 27, 2009

Dr. appointment

So I went to the Doctor yesterday morning and had a very exciting appointment. I have only gained one pound the last week and she said that Mr. Mav has dropped down into position and I am dilated to 1and a half to two Centimeters :) (thanks mom) and about 50 percent thinned out! Woo Hoo. When I clapped she told me not to get to excited because with Baby T I was at a two for three weeks lol We will see. I am betting on the 20th but she is still saying the 28th. I went and checked out a Chevy s10 blazer yesterday. It is in great condition. It has low miles runs beautifully is clean inside and out, has lots of baby space, and every thing works :) Dad is going to come along while I go take a second look today and if every thing mechanically checks out in his opinion then I am going to grab it. Only 3500 and I am hoping to talk them down to 3000. Its a 2000 and we looked it up and found that it is worth about 3200 so ill have to work some magic with the owner :) I am super cleaning my house today and rearranging a little for a change. I like that fresh new feeling especially this time of year while its warming up outside. Guess I better get back to my work. Hope to see you all at my baby shower tomorrow morn!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My crazy landlord

So... about two weeks ago we called out the gas company due to some Oder's in the house that seemed to be coming from the utility closet in our living room. They came out and there was indeed a small gas leak so they tightened a few things up and the smell was gone. A few days later the smell returned much much stronger. It was faint at first but by last night it was so strong you could taste it and it was a strange smell. It didn't smell like usual gas leaks but it was a weird smell so we called our landlord over to check it out. He came over and opened the closet where the smell was extremely potent and he pulled out a lighter and flipped it on! His way of checking for a gas leak..... This seemed a little unsafe to me wouldn't you say? So after he couldn't figure it out he put up a carbon dioxide detector and left. We called the gas company back. They came out and it turned out that it was gasses leaking from the suage drain in the utility closet. lol Just needed a cup of water pored down it was all. lol Thank god it wasn't a gas leak or we might not have a house right now it would have been up in flames with every we own and possibly us! crazy crazy do-it-yourself landlord of mine :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

David got a new job

David got the job at IHC that he has been trying for. Finally! He was very patient with them and it paid off. Working for Select med as an accountant for good pay and benefits. That has been what he has needed for a LONG time. good benefits good job good hours. It will be great for him. He has been having a good time spending time with our miss and cleaning and what not but he is ready to be back to work and over the stir crazy feeling of staying home. Me on the other hand... I am more than ready for my time off work lol :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sleeping babies lol

It never stops amaizing me all the different ways that babies can sleep comfortably. This morning Tukker woke up at six so David got up and brought her downstairs to the couch to snuggle her back to sleep. When I came down at eight thirty this is what I found in the living room...

I was slightly concerned about the safty of this but I had to snap a quick photo or two before I lifted her back up on to the couch. Her head and arms were compleetly off the edge and free hanging. LOL to funny.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I will be having a baby shower on the 28th of February to celebrate the coming of baby boy Maveryk! Every one is invited so come by it will be lots of fun!
Date: Saturday Feb 28
Time: 11:00 AM
Place: mom/ Trish's House Call Her or I for directions

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dinner with Dad and Christy

We had Dad and Christy over for dinner on Friday nice. It was really nice I miss seeing them. Tukker had fun playing and I made dinner. I made Thia Chicken Fetticcini which I love but I decided to try using whole weat noodles and I wasn't to impressed with them (sorry dad sorry christy) IT definatly wasn't as delicious as usual. We had a really good visit and I am glad they were able to come. For Valentines day testerday David and I went to two movies and out to lunch. We did an early day celebration rather than evening so that our babysitter could be free by five. :) We saw "Yes man" and "Seven Pounds" they were both really good!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nothing :(

Doc wouldn't even check me today LOL she said "next week Heather i will start checking you next week ok? " But there was some good news...I only gained one pound over the last two weeks!!! Woo Hoo I had been gaining way to fast for awhile. I am up to 182 almost. I can't wait till he pops out so I can post my before pics and start my weight loss journey with the rest of you! My goal is to be back to 140 by my birthday. I am allowed to set a shorter time frame then every one else since I will be giving birth to and nursing away half my weight. Only 20 pounds or so will be real weight I have to loose so that gives me about ten weeks to do it in. I think thats reasonable. :) We'll see... Good luck to every one else on there fitness challenges!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Please Dr.Anders...

So I have an appointment tomorrow and I am crossing my fingers that she will say "Wow your four centimeters dilated, pack your bag we're checking you in!" Lol I realize I am still several weeks away from delivery (from their calculations) But I swear he is getting ready. I have all these things changing suddenly this week. My skin is breaking out. I can barely sit still for five minutes at work because my hips are killing me! It feels like he dropped drastically and all of a sudden I can barely make it up a flight of stairs that was cake three days ago. I can't sleep, im not hungry and I am soooo grumpy no one wants anything to do with me lol I am even feeling queasy again. Either I'm almost to the end or I'm starting the first trimester over again! Please let it be the earlier of the two. I guess we will find out tomorrow what the verdict is for now. The good news is that by my calculations which I believe are the RIGHT ones lol I we will be seeing this little guys face a couple weeks earlier than my Doctor says :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I cook Too!

So every one always posts pics of their food! I cook Too! when I am not working through dinner time that is. So here is a pic of my super delicious not so healthy awesome dinner. Stuffed pork chops, Cheesy baked potato, steamed vegies and buttered bread.

Ah look at that cute face! My Maveryk never stops moving but the moment we went to fetal photo to get some shots of him he turned into a snuggler and wanted to nap. We still got some cute ones though. He sure looks like his big sister and I can't wait to see if he comes out with that thick dark hair she had! We caught a cute smile in there for a minute
He has very defined smile lines tucked up in his big chipmunck cheeks. Looks familure lol

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