Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Man were lazy parents some times!

Last night at about eleven-o-clock Tukker starts screaming Mom Mom MOMMMM DAD! I went in there and asked "What's wrong baby?!?" She yells "Potty Big Girl" I lifted her out of her bed and sat her down she took off and ran to the bathroom unzipped her jammies squinting at the bright light pulled off her diaper and plopped down on the big girl potty lol she finished her business let me put back on her diaper and jammies. She walked back in her room waited by her bed for me to lift her back in then rolled over and went to sleep..... OH MY GOODNESS. I came straight down stairs and started lecturing David and myself about how lazy we are some times! We are so lazy that our two year old had to decide to potty train herself lol Wow we need to kick it up a notch and help her out!

Friday, September 25, 2009


My first slumber party went so well on Wednesday and I have another one on the books in two weeks! Woo Hoo I am excited for my new business! It is a lot of fun and I think it is really gonna help us out having this extra income! Anyone wants a catalog let me know! ;) My babies are getting bigger so fast. Maveryk is a joy to be near. He really lites up the room :) He has the sweetest laugh and smile and energy about him and he is almost always happy as long as grandma isn't babysitting ;)
Tukker is so smart. I have such a hard time dealing with her being two years old some times but I know it will pass and she will be my little side kick again. I love listening to her say new things like "oh my goodness!" and "Brothers a bad girl!" lol its so cute the things she just comes up with on her own she is so funny. I just love them. Being a parent is by far the best best best job in the world. Maybe I need five or six more babies :) ok ok maybe just one or two he he (we'll see)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Two front teeth! :)

Mr.Maveryk decided to get some teeth! He went and got a pair of shiny toothers to go right in the middle on the bottom! He is far ahead of where his sister was at five and a half months! I believe she got her first tiny tooth at about eight months old lol then she only had one for a while before the second showed up! But not my mister! He is ready for some steak and he is not gonna wait! I will post a pic when I get a good one :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer coming to an end

Ahh I love late summer early fall. I always feel like doing lots of outside activities because the weather is so nice! As a family we went to a bees game a few days ago and on Saturday we went and joined the walk for a cure for juvenile diabetes. Both days were a lot of fun! I loved it. We are hoping to do a few more activities before the end of the season so hopefully we will be able to squeeze them into the schedule and of course the budget :) I finally got all of the kids summer pics put on a disk so I will post some for your viewing pleasure! as soon as blogger will let me attach pics again lol hopefully tonight!

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