Friday, September 25, 2009


My first slumber party went so well on Wednesday and I have another one on the books in two weeks! Woo Hoo I am excited for my new business! It is a lot of fun and I think it is really gonna help us out having this extra income! Anyone wants a catalog let me know! ;) My babies are getting bigger so fast. Maveryk is a joy to be near. He really lites up the room :) He has the sweetest laugh and smile and energy about him and he is almost always happy as long as grandma isn't babysitting ;)
Tukker is so smart. I have such a hard time dealing with her being two years old some times but I know it will pass and she will be my little side kick again. I love listening to her say new things like "oh my goodness!" and "Brothers a bad girl!" lol its so cute the things she just comes up with on her own she is so funny. I just love them. Being a parent is by far the best best best job in the world. Maybe I need five or six more babies :) ok ok maybe just one or two he he (we'll see)


Mommy Kayleigh said...

I love baby words! My new favorite for Caydance is "Gooness Gwacious Thena!!" LOL

Heatherslife said...

lol Tukker always says oh my goodness! when she is reading a book or watching tv lol

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