Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Planning for the future

So We spoke to a mortgage loan officer today. It went really well. He said we can plan on being approves pretty easily in August which is great since that is exactly when I was hoping to start the process. He let us know the few things we need to do in order to assure we are ready by then and all of them are easily achievable now that all of our finances are straightened out and we are on track with everything. For the most part we are all ready and we just have to be patient and get to the one year mark from our bankruptcy date then we are set so until then we just have to focus on saving up for our down payment! We have a plan in place and are on our way. I am trying to find ways for us to save even more than we have planned so my first idea is to find a new living situation. I am totally ok with downgrading to a two bedroom tighter living space if it means we can save a hundred or two a month in rent to add to our savings account! Woo Hoo I am excited to finally be in the place in my life where looking for a home is actually a good idea and that we are doing it the right way by getting prepared ahead of time rather than hoping to jump in to something when we think its time. Yay for being an adult! If anyone knows of any renting options let me know! We are ok with anywhere in the valley. Utah or salt lake county. We don't care if its an apartment, house, basement, condo spare room, or attic as long as its less than 750 a month and we can squeeze into it reasonably ( keep in mind we now have very few things so we don't take up much room anymore lol.) Let me know if you spot anything worth looking into! Love ya all

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Biggest looser update!

I think I updated you all that I had organized and entered into a biggest loser contest at work didn't I? Well it was ten weeks long but we are about half way through the fourth week now so we have six weeks to go! It ends on Febuary 15th and the winner gets 70 bucks :) So far I have not done great but I have consistantly lost each week. I have lost three and a half pounds so far. Now that the holiday season has come and gone I am determined and off to a good restart :) I am using a mix of Wii games and ENVY workout videos for my excersize routine and I think it is working out! Tonight I did 25 minutes of Bunz of ENVY and a five minute quick fix of Arms of ENVY. My plan is to do 30 minutes in the morn and 30 minutes at night. My overall goal outside of the contest is to reach my goal weight of 140 lb by Maveryk's first birthday. That is now a total of only 19 pounds and I have 76 days to accomplish it. THAT IS ONLY ONE POUND EVERY FOUR DAYS! Totally reachable! :) Can you tell I am feeling enthusiastic?? Kayleigh also happens to have a goal of right about 22 pounds in 79 days...Very similar goal....a little friendly competition wouldn't help would it Kay?


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Every New begining comes from some other beginings end!

A brand new year! I have known that new years day has been my favorite holiday for some time now but this year is my favorite yet. The 365 days of 2009 were wonderful and scary and exciting and exhausting but now they have come and gone so we can focus on 2010! What a great year this is going to be! Every one in my life has spent the last year or two getting everything in there life back to where it should be so now every one seems prepared to finally have a great year with less stress and more smiles! Here are my new years resolutions this year:

1. Smile more and don't sweat the small stuff.

2. Appreciate how lucky I really am.

3. Take more time to help those who are not as lucky.

4. Remember to TELL people how much I care for them. They can't read my mind!

5. Take notice of all my accomplishments and dust off my downfalls as learning opportunities.

6. Have a little more fun. My babies are growing very quickly!

7. Stay on top of all the great improvements I made last year.

8. Continue to build upon my groundwork in Health, happiness and prosperity.

9. Enjoy each day individually rather than looking forward to the next day, week, month or year

10. Love like crazy! :)

My little family and I had a wonderful new years eve and new years day. We are on a great start to having the best year yet! Last year I earned a husband and a son! I'm gonna have to work hard to beat that!

Here's to 363 more days of magic!

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