Friday, May 30, 2008

Grocery Shopping

So I was hanging with kayleigh and we had to run some chores. We went to smiths and Caydance wanted Tukker to sit in the cart with her not up in the front seat by the handle. We put them down in the basket and they were so cute playing together just looked like big girls :) Then of course when they got bored they started fighting over stuff. What can you expect they are cousins :)

It's Friday!

Usually I am super excited for Friday but this week every day has been like a weekend home with my girl :) It has been so fun playing stay home mommy for a minute! Can't wait till I can stay home with her for good some day. I think I will see her more now that i am going back to Subway though.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

...And Take one

Friends and Family,

Here is my new blog. I seem to have lost the password to my old one and it is rocket science to get it back so that one will remain outdated and we will start fresh here with a new one! I am excited to get all of us using these like mom so we can all stay up to date on the daily buzz. For me right now... I am not working but will start my new job (old job) on Thursday the fifth. I am having a blast being a short term stay home mom for the time being. I am currently not REALLY dating anyone. My baby is ten months old and finally crawling but still toothless. lol I am doing good and still trucking on :) Can't wait to hear some good stories.


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