Wednesday, March 23, 2011

baby boy :)

Decided Maybe I should update my blog since its been almost two months again lol. A lot has been going on! We went to the doc on Monday and found out that we are having another boy like we were hoping for! :) We decided on the name Oliver Slade! Here is a sweet pic of him at 15 weeks and 2 days...

We didn't get any good profile ones this time :( We did get two super cute ones in 3d of him sucking his thumb but they didn't make it to our disk for some reason.... oh well :)

Tomorrow is Maveryk's 2nd birthday. We are going to do something small and fun tomorrow but he party is next Sunday at the park. That should be fun :) We have been swamped with appointments lately between dentist, docs, midwife, and everything else we can manage to schedule in! Its nuts but should be over soon :) Well there is my update and I will post some pics soon!

Monday, January 31, 2011

New Project :)

With a new baby on the way I am extra determined to insure that we stay financially stable enough for me to continue staying home with my sweet children but also continue to save money for our future :) So to help achieve this I am going to start looking for hidden ways to cut spending and increase savings!
We long ago cut out all the extras that we had like cable and cell phones and gym passes. Now we are pretty much down to the bare basics but now I am going to see if I can cut my grocery budget from 75 bucks a week to 50! I want to achieve that while still making healthy and delicious meals for my family. I also want to potty train Maveryk so we can stop buying diapers, plan to cloth diaper the baby to come, get David to kick his Pepsi habit (or cut it in half at least :)), I am going to attempt to make some of the kids clothes for spring and summer at least jammi pants and spring dresses for Tukker (and maybe for myself :) and anything else I can think of!
I am going to start with the grocery budget today! I got set up following a website my mama refereed me to called $5 and I found a lot of great Ideas on there so I have made a meal plan and grocery list and tomorrow Smiths HERE I COME!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

First OB appointment :)

We had a doc appointment today to get prenatal care started and find out for sure how far along we are :) Everything went great and looked fine. We got a ultra sound showing that we are 6w 4d along as apposed to the 7w 5d that we thought now our new due date will be the 11th of September :)
We are currently seeing my regular obgyn for prenatal care but as of March 1st our insurance will be changing then we will be seeing a Midwife here in Sandy Named Melissa Mayo. We are planning a home birth as of now. Still doing research and getting facts together but feeling pretty comfortable with that decision.
I'm ready for it to be mid March so we can find out the gender. Than maybe David will be ready to start talking about names a little bit :) Everything else in Life is going well. We are all happy and Healthy the kids are growing and learning. Life is good!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bitter Sweet Moments

8 Months pregnant with our Tukker Bear..
My Sweet Girl just a few hours into her life...

8 Months Pregnant With My Mr. Maveryk...

Bo Bo about 2 weeks old

And Now ...

On The way!

So as some of you may know this came as some what of a surprise. Here is the story...

Back in April of 2009 We decided that it would be fun to go ahead and add a 3rd little trooper to our family. We started trying with no luck for 6 months or so. I was getting sick of trying and David was starting to have second thoughts about having a third. We talked a lot about it and decided that maybe it wasn't the right time for another baby. We started thinking that rather than sticking to our original plan of having 3 of our own then adopting one we thought we would like to maybe just adopt 2. So we shifted our mind sets and were happy about it.

We started talking about doing a surrogate pregnancy which I have wanted to do for a long time. David was not sure yet if he was comfortable caring a baby for a stranger. Davids cousin casually mentioned that they were considering finding a surrogate to carry there second child because she is not able to carry any more children herself. Right away i knew I wanted to offer and David was on board too :) We brought it up to her and started talking and making plans. I really started to get excited about the whole thing and we were beginning to make plans and talk to doctors and lawyers. Marty (Davids cousin) mentioned to us that during the process of getting implanted they double check that you are not pregnant so as not to have any confusion with who's baby you are cooking. We were sure we were not pregnant even though my period was running a week late. I had already taken two tests that had both been negative.

On Jan 3rd we were calling around lawyers and I had a feeling I should go ahead and take ONE MORE test just to be sure before we got any more excited. I took one and of course... It was positive. For a few hours I cried and felt sick to my stomach and thought about how I now had to again shift my whole thought process and get excited to have another baby of my own on the way. I realized that I was going to have to be sad for a little while before I could possibly get excited. I called Marty with in a couple hours of finding out. I cried the whole time I talked to her and let her know how sorry I was that I would not be able to carry a baby for her at the moment but that I would still really love to if she hasn't found someone else to do it before I was able again. She was so nice and happy for us and didn't show any sadness even though I was letting the tears stream. I got off that call still feeling awful and took a nap.

After a day or two the excitement started to creep up as I started telling people here and there. It dawned on me that this is the first baby where I can be totally excited and not scared or sad about my situation in life. We are married and happy and financially secure so I might as well spread the news let every one know asap and give myself as many days possible to be excited and enjoy the pregnancy as this I believe WILL be the last :) SO there you go that is the story.

While I hope with all my heart that Marty will find someone else to carry her sweet baby for her this year I also secretly hope that I will still get the chance to do it for her in a year and a half when this baby is out and I am all healed up! Love you Marty. I am still sooo sorry but thank you so much for being supportive and happy for us :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Off to a good start!

Sorry there are so many of maveryk and not of Tukker. He is just at a stage where every single picture we take of him is funny. He loves to pose but he will never smile pretty like His photogenic Sister every time he strickes some weird goofy pose. That is my crazy boy! So far I am very much enjoying my new year! Kids are good and healthy. David and I are great. Had lots of family time over the holidays and now were jumping back into the swing of things pretty smooth! Thought I would post some new pics! It has been awhile so there you go :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Word of 2011!

For those of you who do not know, My second mommy has started a tradition that I have yet to partake in. Every year she picks a "word of the year". A word that she wants to center her year around to help her self become more whole (at least that is how I have come to understand it :))

While I did not pick a word at the start of 2010, If I had to sum it up to a single word now that it has come to an end, I would have to chose the word "conquer" I think that both I and my little family have reached a point where we can say that we have finally conquered many of our demons and we stand strong hand in hand ready to face the new challenges that lie ahead of us.
So to start out this beautiful new year I am going to choose the word:
Meaning to give free reign to.
I want to indulge in LIFE. I have spent a few years now feeling like I was preparing to live but not actually living. For the last several months since I have been staying home it has become increasingly clear to me that I set FAR more goals than I come even close to attaining. I don't want to do that this year. I want to explore and play and try new things. I want to give back to others and and learn to appreciate all the small things that I have missed out on while I was to busy making plans.
I want to watch the shine in my daughters eye as she figures out new things. I want to play blocks with my son for hours on end until it feels as gratifying and adventurous to me as it does to him. I want to look my husband in the eye on our hardest days and make sure he knows how much I love him and how happy he makes me.
So while I am dying to make some goals like:
*Exercise 3x a week
*Try 50 new recipes
*Teach Tukker to read
I am going to pass. I am going to sign off of this blog and go indulge in this day!
Here is to a satisfying year past and a a damn good year ahead!

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