Friday, September 17, 2010

Moving and moving.......and moving.

I spent this whole week moving stuff very slowly to the new apartment in Sandy. All I have to move with is my little four door sedan so even when I pack it full it still isn't a very big load. But now finally the week is coming to an end and tomorrow I will have a truck and a hubby to help me get as much of it moved as possible and we should be living there tomorrow too! So that makes tonight the last night at Grandmas house. It has been a very quick 6 month stay here and was nice to get to visit with her lots. She has been incredibly helpful to us and hopefully we have returned the favor with a lot of the projects that David has done around here. I am excited to get settled in to the new place. It is a little more spacious and ITS NEW :) As much as I hate packing up and moving again every time we get settled I also really enjoy finding a new home for everything and making it look and feel like ours. So over all I am happy and very excited about our new adventure!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random thoughts at night

Two thirty in the morning
Cant seem to sleep
My baby boy is sick
And its beginning to worry me
I gave him extra kisses today
To make sure he knows I'm here
I can't picture life without his smile
I'm sure he is fine but i still get scared.
I am so lucky lately
Things are beginning to go our way
My loving husband off at work
While I care for my sweet babies all day.
For the first time in a while
I am enjoying each moment passing
Im not so worried about the long run
Im just happy to be.
Moving to a new home
Taking the next adventure
Nothing feels like a big deal
Its all just ethereal being together.
I can't believe how time slips away
I remember so clearly being a teenager
I want to hang on to these moments
Keep my precious memories from danger.
Now I will go to bed
Have dreams of things to come
But none will compare to the day I will have
When I wake up tomorrow to my daughter and son.
Goodnight my fellow bloggers
go kiss your families again
Be appreciative of your blessings
Love you all. The End.

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