Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Man were lazy parents some times!

Last night at about eleven-o-clock Tukker starts screaming Mom Mom MOMMMM DAD! I went in there and asked "What's wrong baby?!?" She yells "Potty Big Girl" I lifted her out of her bed and sat her down she took off and ran to the bathroom unzipped her jammies squinting at the bright light pulled off her diaper and plopped down on the big girl potty lol she finished her business let me put back on her diaper and jammies. She walked back in her room waited by her bed for me to lift her back in then rolled over and went to sleep..... OH MY GOODNESS. I came straight down stairs and started lecturing David and myself about how lazy we are some times! We are so lazy that our two year old had to decide to potty train herself lol Wow we need to kick it up a notch and help her out!


Trish said...

THAT is hysterical!
I think I might stock up on prizes and get serious about Jaxon and potty training nest week.

Me, Christy said...

Such a big girl!!! That's ready if I ever heard it! Papa D and I are very proud!!

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