Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Magical Shrinking baby!

We went to the doc today and found out that mister Maveryk has not only decided to stop growing he actually decided he is going to reverse the growing process and shrink! Lol maybe we will get to have a tiny baby forever :) More to come on that most likely but hopefully not to much more :) ...
Work is same old same old. I struggle every day just to get myself to my desk. I would rather stay home forever and bake and rock my sweet babies to sleep :) Hopefully it is not far in the future and I will be sure to appriciate it more than before this time! I am so happy to have Grey's, House, nip tuc and private practice back in my life! Starting to feel worth it to pay a cable bill now :) And its not over yet! We still have American Idol to look forward to right around the corner! Well it seems as though tv shows are the highlight of my conversation today so I suppose I will go :) Just checking in!


Trish said...

Nothing beats baking and rocking babies to sleep. Not for me anyway.
I hope things will fall into place soon so that your family can enjoy that too.
In the meantime, I'm proud of you for doing what needs to be done, even if it's hard.
I love you!

Me, Christy said...

Weird! I'm guessing they aren't the most consistent at measuring... and maybe Maveryk wasn't stretching as much as he could.

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