Thursday, February 26, 2009

My crazy landlord

So... about two weeks ago we called out the gas company due to some Oder's in the house that seemed to be coming from the utility closet in our living room. They came out and there was indeed a small gas leak so they tightened a few things up and the smell was gone. A few days later the smell returned much much stronger. It was faint at first but by last night it was so strong you could taste it and it was a strange smell. It didn't smell like usual gas leaks but it was a weird smell so we called our landlord over to check it out. He came over and opened the closet where the smell was extremely potent and he pulled out a lighter and flipped it on! His way of checking for a gas leak..... This seemed a little unsafe to me wouldn't you say? So after he couldn't figure it out he put up a carbon dioxide detector and left. We called the gas company back. They came out and it turned out that it was gasses leaking from the suage drain in the utility closet. lol Just needed a cup of water pored down it was all. lol Thank god it wasn't a gas leak or we might not have a house right now it would have been up in flames with every we own and possibly us! crazy crazy do-it-yourself landlord of mine :)


Trish said...

OMG!! What an idiot!!!
Next time don't even call him. Or at least leave the building while he "checks for leaks".

Christy said...

Freak!! I jumped when I read that he flipped his lighter on! Jeezo!!

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