Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Our little BOBO the clown turned 1 today! What a big boy :) He is so sweet. He lights up our days and it just melts my heart how much he loves his sister :) Its the sweetest thing I will ever see. We had such a fun day and we didn't even leave home! :)

First we woke up our birthday boy nice and early ( 8:45 am to be exact lol)

We stuffed him full of Cake for breakfast!

We let him open a couple presents...

Then we spent the rest of the day being lazy and playing with toys. He played with sister and Grandma Bea and of course mommy and daddy. Grandma Thomas and Harry even stopped by for a few to see him on his special day! I was a little sad that he didn't get any happy birthday calls at all from family but I know he will have fun at his birthday party with everyone in a few weeks :) Ill update my blog with the info for that very very soon! Well Hope you enjoyed the pics! Here are a few extra since we haven't posted any in a bit :)
At the end of the day when they were all dressed in jammies and ready for bed the decided to snuggle on the couch bed and pretend to sleep lol. Before to long the were asleep for real :)

Happy birthday my sweet sweet boy. Thank you for being a shining light at the end of every hard day.


Trish said...

Aww...I thought about calling. But then I wasn't sure if he was really into the whole talking on the phone thing.
He is such a sweet boy. I can't wait to love on him at his birthday party.
And before. And after. :)

Emily said...

I can't believe how big he is! Happy birthday! He looks so much different since the last time I saw him! Very cute pictures!

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