Saturday, February 27, 2010

Here comes another week!

Tonight is the end of my weekend and its back to work tomorrow. The weekend was nice home with my babies :) David and I don't have a day off together anymore :( I miss him lots but its nice that we have every morning together.
David had his interview with Fidelity on Thursday. It went well but we have yet to hear back. Some of our financial decisions in the past might keep him from getting an offer but we are keeping our fingers crossed :) It would be a really great opportunity but if he doesn't get it I am sure an even better opportunity. would come rolling around if we are patient!
We are going over to Grandma's house tomorrow morning to pick up a key so we can slowly move in over the course of the month! We are paid up through the end of March here but we will be living at grandmas to continue saving for our home starting in April!
March should be a good month! We will be moving, Maveryk will be turning ONE:), Hopefully David will start a new job and we should be getting a new car. (something with better gas millage)
Well there is my update for the week!

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