Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ah Time flies by!

I think about blogging all the time but when I finally get aroud to it so many things have past I dont even know what to blog about. How about I post some pics os Mavs birthday party and some days since then? That way I will be all caught up and I can try to stay on top of it again :)
Here we go!

Thought this was a perfect one to end with lol. Hope you enjoyed. Sorry if they took all day to load up!


Emily said...

So cute!! They are getting so big! We need to hang out so our kids can play!

Trish said...

So many faces that I love! :)

Emily said...

Aflac doesn't offer maternity anymore :( Not in Utah anyways but we are currently trying to get pregnant. We did get another maternity plan that is better. And yes we do need to hang out more! I am hardly ever busy so just tell me what works for you and we'll hang out!

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