Sunday, April 12, 2009

Very good easter :)

We had a great Easter today! David and I were not really counting on doing much of anything for Easter the Easter bunny was even going to skip our house this year but we weren't to torn up about it we just decided the money needed to be spent elsewhere this time. We woke up and got all ready this morning and went out to lunch with Mikee and Emily and the kids (Davids brother and his family) Turns out that the bunny had mistakenly brought our babies baskets to there house :) It was really nice of them to bring them out and tukker loved her toys and treats. WE went to Davids grandma's house to say hi after lunch and there were a few people over so we got to visit with some uncles and aunts and cousins too. Tukker played out side and we had a nice visit. Then we got to go to Easter dinner at Grandma Trish's house and played with more cousins :) It was a really good day despite my crappy weekly weigh in. But that's ok because tomorrow is the chance to start a whole new kind of week. Some one sweet reminded me today that even if I don't get my laundry folded or get a workout in, that at the end of the day if my babies got love and we are all healthy and happy then I got the most important job done. :) Love you mom.


Trish said...

I love you too. And I think you're doing a great job. I'm proud of you and those sweet babies.

Amber said...

Look at your cute babies! I'm glad you had a good Easter. ]
Love you and see you this week!

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