Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well for those of you who have not heard, number two is now under construction. Frank and I called off the engagement shortly after I found out that I was pregnant and knew that it was not his. While we were separated I was comforted by a familiar friend and now David and I will be parents x Two! Yeah I know I know CRAZY! We all take twists and turns in this life right? This is just another one of mine :) I have gone through the lectures and the crying and all that so now I have chosen to move on to the more fun part of this whole process and be EXCITED! T is going to be a big sister and a great one. So there you all go get the word out there is another little one joining the heard in March!


Christy said...

k... we checked it out.

I am Happy as all get out about baby...

Sorry you have been sucked into the realm of rewind and replay... It was so hard on you the first time!!!

We are destined to repeat life circumstances when we don't learn the lesson that life has asked us to learn the first time through. So LEARN Girlie, LEARN!!!

Love you with all my heart.

Trish said...

What Christy said.

I can be excited about a new grandbaby.
*I* am having another baby!
All the babies are mine! ;)

I love you and your thick, hard head with all my big, soft heart.

Amber said...

Lol congrats! You're too funny! :)

Christy said...

Miss you.

Christy said...

Just checking on you! Love you so much.

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