Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ah its been awile.

I have not written in a while mostly because I have had so much going on that it would take all day to keep up to date on my posts. I am working two jobs. For once I actually like them both alot! I like the people I work with. I like the hours and I like the job itself. I am moving one week from today and I am excited for the new adventure of a new apartment. My baby is huge and learning so much. i have so much fun playing with her and watching her learn new tricks. I am starting to actually feel pregnant. Past up 13 weeks already and I have a feeling it will fly by just because I am not ready! lol But I am sure I will be ready when I have to be because that's what we do in this life. I had a professor that always said "Life is what happens while your making your plans." I also read a quote that said, " Wanna make god laugh?... Tell him your plan" I have shown myself time and time again that even though I am obsessed with planning and feeling in control. My plans NEVER work out the way I want. And most of the time its due to me changing my mind. My life is a wild ride but I don't care. So far through the hurt and pain and plans changing and not being able to make up my mind I have still managed to maintain a life that I really do enjoy even if I don't realize that every day. I love my family with all of there craziness, I love my child and child to be. I love my friends and those close to me who hurt me and help me back up. I am ok with the fact that I am not in school right now because truly I don't know what I really want to study after all this time. I love school way to much to not go back and I am certain that in the future when I am more sturdy on my feet and confident with my decisions I will choose to go back and study some thing that will lead me to a great career as my children get older. I feel really good right now. Good with my situation and my choices, good and bad ones, I feel great about my future and my family and I am happy to be living through these rough times. The hardest times are what make you truly appreciate the good ones.


Christy said...

Hey! I'm glad your new jobs are going good. You sound like you are doing well despite how busy you are and the wild ride you've had. I love Baby T and Baby ? and you very much. Kisses.

Trish said...

I'm glad you're feeling strong and happy. Your babies need that. Your Mom needs that for you and them! LOL
Love you all!

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