Monday, September 29, 2008


Sorry mom you are stuck with Kayleigh and the girls for a few more days! :) I was informed today by my soon to be landlord that my new place would be freshly painted and ready to move into by Friday not Wednesday like I was previously planning. I am still very excited and this actually gives me a few extra days to get every thing packed up nice and organised so it will be a smooth easy move. I had a WIC appointment today and found out that while my walking talking toddler is perfectly in the 50th percentile for her height and weight she has a terribly low amount of Iron in her blood. They want children her age to be at about 11.3 and she is only at 8.7. I have no idea what those numbers mean but I know that hers is far to low and I have to get it up! SO I spent an hour in a small room with a nutritionist talking about how I can get it up quickly then keep it there from here on out. I was rather disappointed because I have always been pretty dang good at being sure she was fed right and stayed on a healthy diet. The lady said it is wonderful that she has plenty of fruit and veggies every day. She has juice and milk to drink never punch or koolaid or anything unhealthy. She eats three meals a day and has two snacks she takes two naps a day and gets some outside time. I brush her teeth at least once a day and she only goes to be with water in her cup so sugar won't be sitting on those clean white teeth :) Apparently all the calcium that she gets with how much milk she drinks is competing with the very little Iron that she gets. Some how with all the fruits and veggies I seemed to have overlooked meat and beans and grains. All the things from that section of the food chart. ooops. So from here on out lots of protein and iron for the miss and a tad bit less milk :)

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Trish said...

Looks like Baby T needs to eat at Grandma's more often. ;)
I'm glad she's healthy otherwise and I'm sure she'll love all the new foods she gets to try now.
My advice is to start her on whole grain wheat bread and never let her have white bread. Ever. Maybe then she won't turn into a white bread only kid like some of her aunts.
Bring her to me! I'll share my wheat bread with her. :)
Love you both!

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