Monday, June 9, 2008

Trent to the rescue!! We'll I hope at least.

It was getting closer and closer to two o clock today when I need to be to work and i was starting to get anxious. My manager has officially gotten almost every employee there to hate me. I am completely incapable of learning any thing new under that kind of pressure and with her refusing to teach me so It has just been a total mess from day one. I decided that I can't stand going to work in that kind of condition so I called Trent and told him the situation being careful not to be to harsh about Kerin(manager) or any of the other employees. I just explained the situation and the things I was having a hard time with. He asked when I work and I told him at two so he went in at noon to have a talk with Kerin. I figure that now things will either get a lot better or a whole lot worse lol Depends how she responds to me going over her head and complaining...I might be in for a horrible week. We will see. She has already reversed my schedule so I am now forced to work on fathers day week and instead of going to the gorge and I also am now suddenly scheduled an all day shift on my birthday. Nice real Nice. but Heather is not going to complain! I am going to stand strong and not let her intimidate me! I will win this fight! mwa ha ha ;)


Trish said...

You were the main reason I wanted to find a way to go to the Gorge! You're really not going?
Want me to come in and kick her butt for picking on my baby?

Heatherslife said...

I am going!!! I Stood up to her and she changed the schedule back! I hope you guys decide to come! I want to have fun for my birthday!!!

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