Friday, June 6, 2008


My first day back at work was a nightmare!! My manager is crazy. I have decided that I am going to tough it out and make it through the first ninety days with out complaining but it is going to be hell! So here is what happened. I went in scheduled from two to close yesterday. It was a fairly busy thursday but not to terrible. I realized after I got there that she had me closing with just one other employee named Lupe and he has only been there two days! So I have not closed in at least two years and he has only ever closed once or twice so far.(and he is very slow) We made it through the night busting our butts trying to get every thing done because we were so so behind. We were there an hour and a half after close (till 12:30) Trying to get this place cleaned up. I was exhausted and so was he. It was a million degrees in the store but we finally finished every thing on our closing list. I realized as I was leaving taht it was not a great close. I use to be a pro closer so I can admit this was not the best close I had ever done but I figures I had an excuse for it not being amaizing. She has to expect me to be a little rusty to start out. So finally I left and felt alright about the job I had done for my first day back......7:00 Am Day two: My manager Kerin calls me flipping out saying that this is the worst close she has seen in years. Swearing and yelling and totally ragging on me! I was pissed! I stayed calm and didn't get upset. I explained that she left me in a bad sittuation on a busy night with a brand new employee on my first day back. I told her that I want help and constructive critisism but I need her to not just yell at me. I am not going to learn anything fromm her yelling... AHHHHH So now I have to go back in today at three. I am going to have to work my ass off today to make it a freaking awesome close so that she wont be calling Trent (big boss) telling him it was a mistake bringing me in. I have to be Super heather the subway queen and live up to my rep lol Ill report back tomorrow.

Love ya



Amber said...

that sounds like a nightmare heather! but on a brighter note, i love your hair!! :)

Trish said...

awww....Hang in there.
It's easy to soar like an Eagle when you work with turkeys.
Show 'em what you got!

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