Saturday, June 28, 2008

Its been awhile!

I have been working so much I haven't gotten the chance to write at all. But now it is 11:46 p.m. I just got home from watching fireworks with T and Caydance. I am so dead tired but it occured to me that I now is the perfect opertunity to write! SO here I am :) I am so excited the AJ is here! She is so sweet and I am thrilled to have a third beautiful Niece and my first Goddaughter. The evening after she was born I got robbed at work. I am so sick of all the crap at that store. It will be a relief when I can move to a different store and actually get to work with out a gun being pointed in my face. We did all the math and figured that we get robbed on an average of once every 12.85 days. The chance that a employee will be robbed with in there first month is like thirty percent or some thing. It just doesn't make sense to me. Why subway? Is jail worth the 25-170 bucks you are going to get from our little store? Why not go all the way and hit a gas station or bank or hotel or some thing that will have a little more cash on hand than us? lol What ever.
It is finally the weekend and I get to play with my girl for the next two days. I went to taylorsville dayz the last two nights to watch shows and fireworks. I loved it both nights it was so fun. they had a beatles cover band the first night. ( Awesome) and tonight they had a Niel Diamond wanna be and he wasn't bad either. I might go to the toelle art festival tomorrow, If so ill let you know how it goes. Nigh night. I am falling asleep while I am typing lol

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