Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spring Project!

I put this together from start to finish yesterday and it only cost about 10 dollars. I stained the wagon and filled it with the soil and planted some bright spring flowers! I set it out side my front door for some color. I love these little projects that make my house feel more like a home!


Christy said...

Super Cute!! What a bargain!

Trish said...

In the Fall you can plant that yellow Lily in the ground and it will come back in the Spring. :)
We saw you guys today. You were scoping out a yard sale while we were enjoying a low points Subway lunch. :)

Heatherslife said...

ah lol nice that was a lame yard sale. The car never even came to a full stop. :)

Amber said...

That's pretty I really like it.

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