Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I can't believe it's almost winter!

Its really cooling down outside lately. I keep bundling up my baby before we leave the house and I am still shocked when I walk out side and it is FREEZING! I can't wait to decorate for Christmas but unfortunately I have two more holidays to get through first :( Halloween will be fun and then thanksgiving will be Delicious! Christmas is just the cherry on top.
There is a super sweet deal on a condo that I want to take advantage of but I am feeling the effects of being to nice and lending out my credit. But the up side is that I learned my lesson and in a year the loans I signed on will be paid off and my debt to income will be much prettier. I have worked my butt off to keep my credit as nice as I can and that will pay off when I go for the next big opportunity! Lets just hope that I can make my next year much more stable than last year in work, love, money , and life in general lol I am sick of the sporadic Heather and its time to turn over a new leaf! :) Just gotta figure out which leaf to turn...

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Christy said...

You and my parents have taught me about the debt to income ratio being a reason not to cosign. My mom & dad have had the same experience of not being able to make a purchase because they said yes to others to help them out.
We are all learning that we need to take responsibility for our choices and are becoming smarter for it.
Saying yes often involves having to say no in other areas.
Get debt free and then start saving so you are that much closer to buying your home when the time is right. ~Christy

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