Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So I talked before about wanting to get a full time job and keep one of my part time jobs... I had my first day at Discover Card yesterday where I started my full time job that I now hope lasts a long long time! IT is such a great company for benefits and career opportunities and tuition reimbursement and so on and so on. I was excited to get back into the call center situation because I knew I would feel comfortable and be able to succeed in that situation but this call center is far better than my expectations that I had set from experience at other call centers. I am so so excited to be some where that will benefit me and my growing family so much and I can secure a position for a few years while I finish school. If any one was wondering, Pier one is the part time position that I gave up for this new position. I am staying at Carters part time one or two days a week mostly for the discount but also for the little extra money.


Christy said...


Sounds like your experience with other call centers has you appreciating this particular situation even more than you would have if you had started at Discover a couple of years ago.

Do they have a walking park there for employees?

Glad you got some benefits. That will be really nice for you and Tukker and Maveryk, and paid time off, whatever will you do with yourself? ;) Love ya!

Trish said...

I'm excited for you that you have found something that looks like it will be a perfect fit for a single mother of two.

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