Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Credit counceling

I had a credit counceling appointment on monday and the woman counceling me was awesome and very inspirational! She is a 40 year old widow with three nearly grown children and she is a very successfull carrer woman. All three of her kids were home schooled for there entire elementry, jr.high, and high school. We got into a conversation about home schooled families and the benifits and what not. I have been interested in home school since I had Tukker but hadn't begun looking into it much yet. I just kinds figured she would start public school along with every one else because thats what you do when you turn four or five. This woman really made me concider home school with a much stronger interest. I have never been very happy with the education that I recieved in the public school and I know that some of that has to do with how much I put into it but I think it is also a common downside of the public schools. With 30 - 1 class size ratios and a strict ciriculum to stick to how much attention can each child really recieve? Children with special needs and slower learning speeds often get held back in school when they really just need some extra one on one attention. All of the information that school aged children need to learn I already know or I have easy access to. If I home school my kids I can teach them at there speed and really focus on there strengthss and work through there struggles. If I am wanting to be home with them anyway as a stay home mom why not make the decision to really get involved and do there schooling myself to. SO anyways David and I are starting to research it and look more into our options. We still have some time to really decide. What are every one elses thoughts on home school?

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Emily said...

Hey girl, I can see the benefits of them getting the attention they need but you can also do that when they go to public school. Some schools have programs for advanced kids. My nephews are really smart and way above everyone in their classes but they still get the one on one from their mom at home. I think public schools help kids learn to socialize and make lots of friends. I think I would have hated being home schooled. I wanted to be in 8th grade but I am really glad my mom made me stay. I don't think I could handle home schooling my kids. But that's just my opinion.

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