Monday, June 29, 2009

Tied the knot!

Sooo...David and I decided that with two kids, an apartment, joint bills and income, and four years of getting to know each other it was finally time we tied the knot! We planned to go to the courthouse and bring a couple witnesses. I wanted to give my mommy the chance to be my witness so four days before the planned wedding I clued her in on our plans. She agreed to join us and asked if Roger could be there as well. Of course that was fine with me so... Roger asked his boss for the time off, His boss asked My dad if his daughter was getting married on Friday and before I knew it the news had gone full circle and quite a few people knew! My dad and Christy wanted to be at the wedding as well and I was thrilled to have them. Dad and I decided that the courtroom would be tooooo small for all of us plus David's two witnesses so we decided on a front yard wedding at my moms. In the matter of three short days my four amazing parents quickly threw together the exact wedding I would have planned if I had taken months! It was beautiful and so much fun! I only have half of the pictures so I will post some now and some later for you!My Daddy got to walk me down my "isle"...Dallas"s (kenzie's boytoy) dad is a Bishop and agreed to marry us on such short notice...We got last minute rings...All of my family was there...All of his family was there...We had our sweet babies...
Me and my sisters were as crazy as usual :) We had a blast that night when a lot of people filtered out. I will post pics of that after I get them :) Thank you to every one who helped out to make it an awesome day!


Trish said...

I think we couldn't have planned it any better. :)
Love you!

Alice said...

congratulations from your Great Aunt Alice in Ohio. You make a beautiful family.
Be happy!!!!!!!!!!

Amber said...

The wedding was beautiful and fun. Glad we could be there. Love you!

Christy said...

More time to plan would not have made it any better! It was truly beautiful and fun and such a happy day! Congratulations to you both!

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