Sunday, March 29, 2009

The starting line!

So I weighed in and took my measurments today. I am excited to get started getting in shape. I did well taking it easy for the first week. which was rough but I got through it and now tomorrow I can start with a little excersize and kick it up a notch on the diet. I will post weekly about my progress like every one else :) Here are my before pics. David is getting in shape with me too but he wasn't to excited about posting his fat pics for every one to see lol but we took them anyway for the dramatic effect of comparing them with the after pics :) Here we go.

Sorry for the poor quality and bad lighting. Here are my measurments:
Arm: 10.5
Thigh: 24.0
weist: 40.0
Hips: 42.0
David didn't think I should do my chest since I am nursing right now.
So here we go. Good luck to me and good luck to every one who has been doing so well already!


Christy said...

Yay!!! I'm excited for you being able to start. I know you've been looking forward to getting in shape. Be careful on the exercise, this week, nice and easy so you get to do it the next day and the next day...

That's cool that David is doing this with you even if he won't show us his love handles (if he's even got 'em). As long as there are pictures that HE can look at, that's what is motivating.

Trish said...

It's so unfair that you lost nearly 14 pounds in one week! Geez! Show off!
Christy's right. Go slow. Be careful. One week is not much time to recover from childbirth no matter how good you feel!

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