Friday, August 15, 2008

All sworn in

So Frank is officially in the military. He got sworn in yesterday and recieved all of his gear and every thing. The beginning of a whole new thing for him. He is excited and I think it will be great for him. He found out that he doesn't leave till November fourth witch kinda sucks for us. He will just barely miss his parents returning from their mission and he will be gone for the holidays (except Halloween and that's his fav!) He will be home around the end of April from what we have calculated but there is no telling for sure. We will just have to wait and see :) Wish him luck!


Christy said...

He's gonna go get all buff for ya, huh? ;)
I've been having a hard time wrapping my mind around this. I don't think I really thought he would be going, but I'm coming around now.
November's OK. It'll give you a chance to spend some time together as an engaged couple and get your minds around that! So many changes, so many good changes!
So you get to introduce yourself to his parents???

Amber said...

We wish Frank lots of luck!

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