Monday, July 7, 2008


I am going to the Grand Canyon! Woo Hoo. Frank and a group of his friends and family are going to the Grand Canyon the 5-8th of august and I am going with! It will be so fun to go some where new :) I went on a walk with T this morning to the grocery store to get some milk. The weather was really nice today and yesterday. Not to hot at all. I liked it. We were going to go to the Zoo yesterday but didn't. We should have and probably would have if I had known it was going to be so nice. Dad is in the hospital again with a new broken leg. He is supposed to be home today and then going in later this week for another operation. I want to go visit but he doesn't want visiters quite yet so I have to wait :(


Trish said...

Hey wait! *I* haven't even been to the Grand Canyon! :( LOL
That sounds like a lot of fun!

Your Dad's home. Kayleigh and I went to visit him today. You should call him.
Love you!
Kisses for my Baby T.

Amber said...

Going to the Grand Canyon?! That's awesome! I bet Tukker is going to love that :) Take pics and be careful!

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